Lenoir Memorial Hospital

Stroke Awareness Campaign

Taking stroke head on

Lenoir Memorial Hospital (LMH) recently received a grant from The Duke Endowment to support a three-year effort to improve their stroke care including awareness, treatment and support. The project will culminate in the hospital being named a primary stroke center. With such exciting things happening at LMH, we worked with their Foundation to create an integrated campaign to raise awareness of stroke symptoms and what to do in the event of a stroke, as well as promote the hospital’s expanding stroke care initiatives.

After much research into stroke care, our target audiences and exploring a wide range of opportunities, we carefully developed a targeted media plan and bold creative that would make a strong impact to a diverse group of audiences. A series of engaging direct mail pieces served as the core of the campaign with outdoor, print, digital and mobile efforts complementing our message. Dramatic visuals set the tone for the messaging that was informative, educational and action-oriented. And we were able to remain consistent with our overall brand strategy by building on our previous efforts — matching the voice, tone and approach — while adding additional elements that made everything feel fresh.

Lenoir Memorial Hospital Stroke Campaign Theme Lenoir Memorial Hospital Stroke Direct Mail LMH Direct Mail with Removeable Cling LMH Stroke Outdoor Billboard