Hayes Barton Animal Hospital

Website Design & Development

Hayes Barton Animal Hospital is a small animal care practice located near downtown Raleigh. It provides a high level of personalized care built around what’s best for pets and their owners. Their staff is kind and experienced, their facilities are excellent and their customers are loyal. In fact, everything about this vet is top notch – except their old website.

And that’s where queue comes into the story.

Home Page Responsive Website Design

When we were approached by HBAH to redesign their website, we quickly realized that it failed to effectively communicate the vet’s core strengths. So we immediately began working with their team to create a dynamic online presence with engaging visuals and custom crafted messaging. Our goal was to showcase the character and dedication of the staff while providing helpful information for current and potential clients. We also aimed to capture the personality of the team and facility with a series of on-site photography shoots.

Branding Visuals Custom Photography Stylized Photography

The result is a beautiful responsive website that HBAH can easily manage on their own. Their new site captures the essence of the brand and its team members, and provides a fun, clear view of what clients can expect when they visit.

In short, it’s polished, professional and exceptional – just like them.