Scotland Health Care traces its roots back to 1946, when it occupied the medical facilities of the deactivated Laurinburg/Maxton Air Base. Since those early days, the hospital has substantially grown and evolved but its core focus remains unchanged: providing the local communities it serves with outstanding patient-centric care.

Recently however, Scotland Health faced a challenge. While the hospital continued to offer exceptional health services and support, far too many people were seeking care options outside of the area. It soon became clear that while local residents appreciated the commitment Scotland and its staff made to the community, they remained unaware of the services available to them – or that Scotland was rated as one of the safest hospitals in the nation Cue queue!



Scotland health care logo

We understood immediately that a new strategy was necessary to educate the community about  the many reasons to choose Scotland Health. Our first step was creating a powerful positioning line that would resonate with a variety of audiences. We succeeded with five simple words that memorably captured the hospital’s key benefit and advantage: “Closer Care. Better By Far.”

Next we worked directly with Scotland Health’s marketing team to develop a comprehensive communications plan focusing on four different service lines. A vital component included an advertising and PR campaign that aligned Scotland’s values with those of the community. From in-hospital videos to television commercials to scoreboard animations at the local college football games, an emphasis was placed on convenience, safety, new technology, and the personal attention that Scotland provides. In other words, the hospital’s closer care that’s better by far.

So, what were the results? In a word, outstanding!

Not only did Scotland’s brand awareness increase within the community, the hospital’s inpatient volume in their primary service area rose more than 10% from 2016 to 2017. While the standard open/click thru rate for a digital advertising campaign is less than 2%, the Scotland digital campaign resulted in a phenomenal 8.19% open/click thru rate.