The client, Abbeville Area Medical Center, wanted to continue building the brand image while promoting several aspects of their care including family physicians, specialists and emergency care. Working with a limited budget, we needed to create a campaign that covered all three aspects and continued to build the brand’s image in the community.



Our goal was to create a campaign that would continue to enhance the community’s perception of AAMC by directly showcasing it’s advantages. This included attentive care, comprehensive services, low infection rates, fast emergency care and most importantly, a convenient location close to home. Many of these benefits are not not found in every hospital, so we wanted to take ownership of these traits as well. The messaging was simplified down to expressing how things are done at Abbeville Area Medical Center and allowing the unique benefits and a confident voice be a differentiating factor.

After compiling the benefits and details for each of the three campaign aspects, we wrote a series of headlines beginning with “Here,” that gave us plenty of versatility in completing the sentence. For example, “Here, You’re Safe” focuses on the hospital’s extremely low rate of hospital-acquired infections as well as reinforcing the tagline that we introduced in previous branding efforts.


The messaging was kept simple and friendly with a voice that sounds more like a neighbor than a doctor. Since these ads would run in the newspaper, we wanted the layouts to be clean with lots of white space in order to stand out on the page when placed beside columns of text. This required the headlines to be short and the body copy to be concise yet informative.

Finally, we created a concept that would use three video spots, each one highlighting a different physician associated with the hospital, or a patient in the local community that benefited from AAMC’s advantages and expertise in the healthcare field. These spots captured the capabilities and personal touch the physicians, nurses and staff provide to patients at Abbeville Area Medical Center, further highlighting the importance that AAMC plays in the local community.