A good, thought out website design is more important for your company than you may realize. But it’s not all about aesthetics! Most business owners agree that high-quality web design is essential for their business. But when asked exactly why it’s important, only a few could provide a good answer. There’s point in adding all the latest and greatest trends and technology to your site if it fails to work toward your (what should be) end goal of attracting customers and growing sales. One of the main problems is that many businesses decide to split up the process, hiring an agency for web design and another one for digital marketing efforts, which can cause a lot of miscommunication and unnecessary work.

Take a Comprehensive Approach!

The long-held approach of hiring different agencies for various aspects of your company’s website is no longer effective. Instead, it’s better to take a more comprehensive approach. Web design must now be deeply incorporated into your inbound marketing and branding strategy. If you employ three agencies for web design, SEO, and branding, it’s nearly impossible to have them work in cohesion and help you inch closer toward your goals.

Improve Your Branding Strategy.

Every year, Google seems to add more weight to branding in the search algorithm. You need to keep in mind that your website should serve as an extension of your brand! If you have a physical store, make sure that the characteristic branding elements remain consistent including the logo, colors, and font. Even your style of communicating with customers should be the same across all online marketing platforms you use! This gives your business more credibility, which has a huge impact on increasing sales and how consumers and customers perceive you’re company.

Your Design Matters, and so Does Your Content.

As a business owner, do yourself a favor by having a website built that resonates with your target audience. Many studies suggest that online users cite web design elements as among the top factors they consider when deciding whether to trust a website or not. BE TRUSTWORTHY! Most of these folks share the same red flags to watch out for including busy layouts, pop-up ads, boring (and old-fashioned) web design, slow loading times, and small print that is hard to read.

However, along with design elements, content is the other big factor considered by your site’s visitors. You’ve probably heard over and over again that content is king. However, It’s equally important to deliver that content in an engaging way to help keep people’s attention. Doing this through traditional text alone is simply not enough. Adding certain design elements to your site can give them more reason to stay and consume your content!

In Conclusion…

Just remember – while having a spiffy, up-to-date website is great, and can only be a positive for your business, that alone is not enough. A variety of factors go into how consumers perceive your brand online and how you can show your credibility and build trustworthiness as a business. When looking to re-do or refresh your current site, keep in mind that using a creative agency that has the full capability to provide design, branding, and digital marketing services is your best bet for keeping everything consistent and cohesive. With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to attracting more customers and increasing your sales in no time at all!

(originally written by Aaron Lee and published on 11/15/2017 at www.blueridgecreativemarketing.com)